Sunday, August 8, 2021

Why password management software are necessary

 Why password management software are necessary

Today technology has evolved, and so has sophisticated spying equipment. There are a group of hackers online who do targeted black hat hacking. White hat hackers, expose loopholes and help companies. Black hat hackers have bad intentions. The sophisticated technology that I am talking about has very sophisticated capabilities. Some of the capabilities are:

1) Make whispers.

2) Listen to everything that the target listens to.

3) See everything that a target sees (Like passwords / OTP's etc...)

4) Photos - The equipment is an invisible drone. You could get photographed without your knowledge from different views.

5) Mind reading capabilities.

6) Audio recording capabilities

Such sophisticated equipment is only possible by spying agencies. Surveillance, not a problem. But targeted hacking, harassment, impersonation, identity theft, economic offenses, human rights violation is a big no no. Online thieves are state-sponsored hackers.

In this type of world, I think password management, that too software should never display the password on the screen. Companies should upgrade login security rather than relying on OTP's or passwords.

I honestly think everyone should have access to an effective password manager. With that intention, the free version of SimplePass has some lofty goals. Feature-rich but minimal overhead on the server, so that I can keep my costs less, but serve millions of people. As a matter of fact, SimplePass free version does not even collect user's email addresses. So, no email list building. And for some advanced features, that have some server-side processing, there will be paid version but the pricing will be justifiable for the extra security and features.

Let me tell you a simple, but a logical joke. These online hackers, try to stay anonymous by posting someone else's photos, someone else's voice recordings, someone else's identity documents. And the biggest joke OTP's received by someone else, as though they received the OTP and that too in chat groups on someone else's phone numbers. Who knows what kind of criminal activities these people are involved in. Child pornography using hidden drones? What are they hiding from? Why are they trying to claim to be someone else? Rapes or Murders? Hackers? Economic offenses? Stolen bank accounts or money laundering?

Either way, I personally have been a victim of such targeted hacker and state-sponsored spying groups for over past 5 years and witnessed a very sophisticated international major scam. I have suffered a lot over the past 5 years, and none of the current password managers met my needs. SimplePass aims to solve this problem. 

Stay safe from the online prying eyes which is a scammer propaganda group of R&AW agents and traitors. Indian law enforcement, harassing an Indian citizen should be and must be treated as traitors. And for violating human rights they should be considered and prosecuted as terrorists.

If anyone has gone through similar problems and has been the victim of online hacking, please contact me by filling this form or through comments.

 Why password management software are necessary

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How to secure Microsoft Account

How to secure Microsoft Account

With the Microsoft OneDrive integration feature coming soon in SimplePass. I wanted to make a blog post on how to secure your Microsoft account. Of course, once the integration is completed, there will be some additional tips on how to use OneDrive integration securely.

For those of you who haven't heard of Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service from Microsoft. There is a web interface, Windows application, Android, iOS apps. The free version allows storing up to 5 GB. With Office 365, 1TB. For our purposes, we just need a few kb. This free service from Microsoft can be used for passwords synchronization across different devices.

The risk is that, if your Microsoft account gets hacked, your other Microsoft services such as email, files on OneDrive can get hacked. So, to minimize that risk, this blog post discusses how to secure your Microsoft account.

Microsoft along with a lot of other companies allow the use of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). There is even a page displaying recent activity, that shows recent login activity.

Navigate to, and login into your account.

Here you can see "Sign-in activity", clicking on that displays all recent login activity.

Click on Advanced Security, here turn on two-step verification. You can add an additional email or mobile number or Authenticator code or hardware key. My most preferred option is a hardware key like Yubico's Yubikey. But the drawback is that the hardware key costs money. I used to like Authenticator, but I recently saw a drawback in Microsoft's approach, and out of scope of current blog post. For now, I would say, if possible avoid the Authenticator option, for now. 

For example, if you add a different email, you need to secure that account. If you add mobile, be careful, that if you would lose access to your Microsoft account if you lose your mobile. A few months ago, I personally lost my mobile and it became a nightmare. Now, I have access to all my accounts. 

If you see any suspicious activity, scroll down and click "Sign me out" everywhere. Change your password. Periodically review your "Sign-in activity".

If you secured your Microsoft account, you can start using Microsoft OneDrive even today. Export passwords, upload to OneDrive. On the other device, log in into OneDrive, download, import. Then delete the file from your devices, recycle bin, and OneDrive, OneDrive's recycle bin. But if you exported passwords for the purpose of backup, you don't have to delete the file, but safeguard the file.

Stay safe from the prying online hacker's eyes.

How to secure Microsoft Account

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Synching passwords across devices with SimplePass

 Synching passwords across devices with SimplePass

           If you use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive or DropBox, you can upload the exported file from your mobile or PC and import it on other devices. There will be a demo video showing how to do this soon. However, remember that you need to secure your Microsoft / Google / DropBox account. I can provide some blog posts and provide demo videos on how to secure your Microsoft / Google / DropBox accounts. As of now, it could seem a bit awkward to manually upload the exported file and manually importing the backed-up file. The next release would include the feature to allow directly importing and exporting to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive or DropBox. More demo videos once that feature is developed and released. But remember that you still need to secure your Microsoft / Google / DropBox accounts.

        If you have any feature requests or suggestions or criticism or compliments, please contact me by filling out this Google Form. Feature Requests would be considered based on feasibility. I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Compliments? Thank you.

Synching passwords across devices with SimplePass

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