Friday, September 30, 2022

Erra is a terrorist - NOT associated with ALight Technology And Services Limited

Erra is a terrorist - NOT associated with ALight Technology And Services Limited

Erra Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakar / Sowmya or Sowjanya or whoever is the identity thief R&AW spy, hacker, impersonator, dacoit, terrorist is NOT associated with ALight Technology And Services Limited. The registration details can be found here. I don't know what is a "eye witness testimony", but whoever misrepresented and lied under oath is the hacker, spy, intellectual property thief, human rights violator. I have NOT been to any witness testimony.

Erra is a terrorist - NOT associated with ALight Technology And Services Limited

Saturday, September 24, 2022

PoddB now indexes over 36000 podcast feeds

 This morning I have launched PodDB - A Search Engine and Directory for Podcasts. The launch this morning contained about 400 podcasts. Now the index has been updated to include 36755 podcasts. In few days, I would probably increase the index to about twice i.e about 70,000 - 75,000.

PodDB Launched

       PodDB has been launched, I did not go live at the time of launch due to certain technical glitches. I will create a little help video and upload to the official Youtube channel at and provide a link at But currently PodDB is a very simple Podcast Search engine and Podcast directory. The application can be accessed at

Friday, September 23, 2022

Slight delay in launch!

 There is some technical and non-technical problem at hand, delaying the launch of PodDB. But the application would be launched within the hour or possibly less. And as a matter of fact, is down at the moment. Once the technical and the non-technical issues are resolved, the launch would happen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

PodDB Coming Soon Launched

 PodDB - A search engine for podcasts, Product of ALight Technology And Services Limited.

A coming soon page has been launched. Several nice little features have been added for the September 24th launch rather than a basic MVP.

The web application can be accessed at . Although the timer shows the launch would be at 23:59 on September 24th, in reality the launch would be before noon IST i.e at or before 6:30 a.m GMT on September 24th.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

PodDB Alpha version being launched on September 24th

The past few days, I have been slightly busy with the development of PodDB. 

What is PodDB?

PodDB is a search engine and a directory of podcasts. The first release would index just the Podcast feed, not episodes and 200 - 300 of the most popular podcasts, but slowly the database would grow to hold 30,000 - 40,000 podcasts and possibly 2 - 3 million if the application gains traction. In 1 - 2 months, episode-based indexing would also happen.

For the first version, I have planned a very simple search engine but I had the opportunity to do slightly more development and have developed podcast directory and podcast pages also.

Currently, I am stabilizing the application performing some performance tweaks and refactoring some code in such a way for longer term durability such as automatic backups of indexes, alerts, monitoring, dashboard etc... as in more of an enterprise-grade rather than rushing through in a startup-style. I do have some very long-term plans based on traction. 

The application is completely written using Microsoft .Net technologies using ASP.Net Core MVC, C#, MySQL, Solr and has few backend processes, web application etc... I have made a conscious choice to not use SPA frameworks such as Angular/React/Blazor because I need some traction based on Search Engine visibility. SPA frameworks are for a different style of applications not when search engine visibility is of importance. Here is the funny part, I do plan to use some Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques (I am aware of the higher level concepts) for some features in the future and do plan to dabble with Python (Another programming language, slightly different syntax but same concepts of arrays, for loops, if's etc...) in the future.

One of my family member's birthdays is on September 24th, I am planning to launch on September 24th to coincide with my family member's birthday.

Now for the regular rant, who or what is an "ass", some R&AW spy claiming to be part of my family? And that too claiming my identity and certificates? I would rather kick that person's ass. Most likely someone related to either Srinivas or Uttam (Uttam + sriniVAS = UVAS - identity thieves, rogue R&AW agents, spies, intellectual property thieves) or Thota Veera or Erra Diwakar or Mukesh Golla. For all pratcial purposes they are evil monsters, human rights violators and should be considered and prosecuted as terrorists.

Monday, September 12, 2022

NOT Associated with the terrorist organizations by the name of R&AW / Order / Hukam / Al / All

NOT Associated with the terrorist organizations by the name of R&AW / Order / Hukam / Al / All

I am NOT associated with any of the above terrorist organizations. R&AW is supposed to be the spying organization of India but in reality, has a very dark hidden agenda and has violated human rights in the process of trying to become the most dominating organization.

- I have never participated in the chameleon's identity exchanging "process".

- I did NOT grow up in a brothel to have the mindset of getting sold for some money. I work, earn and spend. Based on some movies, prostitutes, and slaves are sold and bought for a lump sum.

- I have never participated in the human rights violation "process" of harassing people to do favours / force people to change identities or identity theft or blackmailing women by taking photos of private parts etc...

The list of offeners are:

1) A certain family with the surname of Thota belonging to Visakhapatnam, India - 5 people from the same family.

2) Uttam - Probably the spy who claims to have worked overseas while on a misson on a different identity and claims to have worked on my identity? He is just a bastard, rogue, R&AW spy, traitor, identity thief.

3) Thota Veera

4) Zinnabathuni Sowjanya

5) 2 people with surname of Erra / Yerra, most likely Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakar

6) Bandhavi

7) Few other Sowjanya's - with surname initials of B, C etc...

8) Few women who claim to have first name of Kanti - may be they even obtained identity document's by name change. - Prostitutes. If name change why the name "Kanti" and how can they make claims on bank accounts, assets, visa documentation that happened before their "process" name changes?

9) Srinivas - Probably the spy who claims to have worked overseas while on a misson on a different identity and claims to have worked on my identity? He is just a bastard, rogue, R&AW spy, traitor, identity thief.

Definition of "Missing R&AW Agent" - Identity Thief or target of Rogue R&AW agent bastard, traitor, terrorist, spies.

Who the hell is an OK? A virtual no-one identity created by R&AW bastards for covering up illegal money laundering of some prostitue(s). My great country, India, choose to cover-up for the prostitute an her pimp, because it would be shameful and instead choose to violate human rights of sincere software engineer (in this case, me, myself - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli). Shame on India! Shame on R&AW agents. I don't know if there are more victims. 

Some questions to think about:

1) Tourists do buy gold/jewellery - very normal. But buying gold/jewellery and taking loans on the same in foreign country? Definitely abnormal. I am smelling some money laundering / dubious methods of income.

2) What type of woman would claim someone else is here ex or husband etc.... when in reality they are not? Very suspicious.

3) USCIS A file has all the details of who went on what visa to the United States and who were the dependents in the application. There would be some form of records of who went and who did not. If this information can be obtained, the morning / evening identity exchanging chameleon "process" of R&AW terrorist scammers can be easily identified and we can put an end to the onLINE chaos.

NOT Associated with the terrorist organizations by the name of R&AW / Order / Hukam / Al / All

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Coming Soon PodDB - A search engine for podcasts!

Coming Soon PodDB - A search engine for podcasts!

Cross post -

PodDB - A search engine for podcasts.

This project is for podcast listeners. A simple and free podcast search engine. The project as of now, would not have any monetization features.

There is a long roadmap, based upon traction the features in the roadmap would be implemented.

Current Status: development

Planned Alpha towards the end of September with 200 – 300 popular podcasts. Beta with about 2500 – 3000 popular podcasts, Production with over 4 million podcasts.

I know the spykar erra diwakar, whoever is an “is”, “tu”, “bs”, "eka", several other "kalyan's", mukesh, female identity thieves by the first name of “Kanti”, the UVAS = Uttam + sriniVAS, the thota’s, bandhavi, zinnabathuni would do source code theft, IP theft, may be even parallel coding.

But they don’t matter, because I am implementing this project out of love for development and to expand my own personal knowledge and hands-on experience. In this particular project, I would be working on SOLR, a certain enterprise search technology I have not used yet in my 12+ years of I.T experience.

Project Page - PodD

Kanti Kalyan Arumilli



Coming Soon PodDB - A search engine for podcasts!

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