Saturday, April 30, 2022

Business activities are on hold!

Business activities are on hold!

    Business activities are on hold due to gutless, shameless, talentless, wasteful rogue R&AW agents online who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives other than impersonating, identity theft, harassment, IP theft, source code theft. I would still attend some business networking events but for generating awareness and why the R&AWvid corruption virus must be stopped and corruption should be terminated in early stages, and for finding a 9 - 5 job.

    ALight Technology And Services Limited will not be closed because the same group of rogue R&AW agents might be the reason who manipulated my details in India when I tried to register a company in India in 2019. Lots of lost opportunities because of shameless spying bastards. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to the government of the United Kingdom for not manipulating / not allowing manipulation of my personal details in the company registration.  

     ALight Technology And Services Limited nor am I is associated with any cult/terrorist/extremist/communist/socialist organization known as Hukam/Order/All. Several years ago terrorists used various other words for getting favors done such as jihad etc... Now order/hukam/all are the words being used for criminals spies to do crimes. Their propaganda, invisible surveillance drones are being used for IP theft, source code theft, spying, harassment, ransom, hacking.

    ALight Technology And Services Limited is not associated with the following list of human rights violators:

- Erra surnamed family members

- Multiple surnamed Uttam

- Thota surnamed family members

- Zinnabathuni surnamed family members

- Cuban Michael Ray or whatever

- Any female with a first name of Kanti (impersonator/identity thief)

- B/C/E/I/M/S/T/Z Sowjanya's

- I don't have any sister by the name of Sowjanya

- Any Srinivas's - Bojja Srinivas was a friend, not any longer after he backstabbed me and either attempted identity theft or helped identity thieves.

- Any person by the name of Bandhavi

There is no one by the name of Arumilli Srinivas / Arumilli Uttam / Arumilli Bandhavi / Arumilli Kalyan / any female by the name of Arumilli Kanti in my family. If any such identities exist, they are either R&AW agents or insurance scammers who might have played dead on their real identities or vaata (share) dogs, in other words trying to steal assets/inheritance.

The above list of people use a cover-up organization known as "All" for black money laundering, and terrorist financing but use their spying equipment for impersonating clean money and or framing clean money as black money. In my case, some of the above-mentioned people have been trying to frame me as "All" and trying to show some of my purchases as theirs along with their own purchases. They are trying to create "chaos". They should call themselves "chaotic disorder" rather than "order". Either way, I nor my company ALight Technology And Services Limited are not associated with "order" or "chaos" or "chaotic disorder".

Few more questions to make anyone think? 

- When did identity theft/impersonation become a game? If they gamify identity theft, they can walk away without consequences or they can successfully steal other people's identities. This is a major crime anywhere on planet earth. Isn't that enough proof that they are hackers/criminals? Criminals should know and must face the consequences of their acts.

Most if not all of the above-mentioned list of people have committed various crimes including but not limited to impersonation, identity theft, harassment, human rights violation, illegal immigration, black money laundering, green card scams etc... But they have access to the most advanced spying/surveillance equipment.

These people have some kind of a super popular LINE group and Youtube channel, if I know the content of their LINE group or their Youtube channel, that they use for propaganda, I can and I will expose their crimes. I am swearing on the above statement.

Business activities are on hold!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

Most of you might know that because of the R&AW agent's harassment, spying, identity theft, advanced spying equipment (invisible drone capable of seeing, recording, screenshotting, whispering and even mind-reading) misuse, I have stopped working on my company and have started applying for jobs. As part of job applications, a certain respected job recruiter submitted my resume to Sage on my behalf. I received an email to continue and verify the details of the application. I verified and updated some mistakes. Sage seems to use SalesForce for recruiting. I am practically shocked that Salesforce uses links and no passwords. The links are re-usable, multiple people can open the same link if they know the little id part. This is a glaring security issue especially when it comes to targeted hacking and identity theft like what's happening with me. These people use some kind of a LINE group and some YouTube channel for propaganda. I would like to request the entire I.T world to use long tokens rather than shorter guids and to expire the generated long token when accessed.

The list of rogues:

1) Erra Sowjnya or Erra Kanti - identity thief

2) Erra Karan / Kareem - Rogue R&AW agent

3) Thota Uttam - identity thief and look alike - Rogue R&AW agent, has multiple identities with multiple surnames even on my own surname of Arumilli, but there is no one by the name of Arumilli Uttam.

4) Thota Veera - Rogue R&AW agent

5) Thota Bandhavi who claims to be Arumilli Bandhavi but she is not part of my family and not related to anyone in my family.

6) Arumilli Srinivas - No one in my family by that name

7) Some Cuban - Michael Ray or something like that

8) B,C,E,I,Z Sowjanya's (Note: Sowjanya Konudula is my wife, these biatches impersonate my wife)

9) Arumilli Sowjanya - who claims to be my sister, but no I don't have any sister's by that name

I don't know about any "eye witness testimony", but supposedly in some "eye witness testimony" most of the above-mentioned people might have lied. Some of the above-mentioned people are involved in some black money scam for a TEA - Targeted Employment Area application for immigrating to United States - investment visa - $900k, some more people are involved in some backdoor-immigration scams and Green Card scams. At least one of the above-mentioned women and at least of the above-mentioned men are an escort and pimp.

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Terrorist Organization Indian R&AW vs Founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Services Limited

Terrorist Organization Indian R&AW vs Founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Services Limited

               Rumours, rumours, rumours, look like there is a never-ending stream of rumours created by some worthless people. According to the latest rumour, E. Karan, my nemesis, owns my business "ALight Technology And Services Limited"? He is one of the primary culprits in stolen visa extensions and immigration fraud in United States of America and he is an R&AW agent (spy, not necessarily law enforcement). Their only job is to infiltrate other countries by hook or crook and gather intelligence. Seems like he is a target of USCIS / DHS / FBI / CIA / Five Eyes / ICE / IRS and now he is creating a parallel, alternate reality. To the best of my knowledge, he is just a self-centred rogue who has no priorities nor patriotism. He along with some Srinivas, Mukesh Golla, some Uttam, Thota Veera are the culprits. And I don't know who or what is an "is". Supposedly my client and sending me money from my very own Bank Of America account on my very own name of "Kanti Arumilli". I inject capital into my business - Capital Injection, the precise reason provided for wiring the money overseas. Now, who or what is an "is"? In other words, atleast a dirty dozen R&AW agents have done several visa scams and somehow, unknowingly I am (or my identity or my career) in the middle of their immigration scam. And to cover that up, these people have been harassing, framing, defaming, spying, targeted hacking, spreading false rumors etc...

            I also heard of some false rumours of some of my MBA classmates being a partner or CEO. As of this very minute, just rumours. For their own privacy reasons, I am not mentioning the names of my classmates who were being associated by hopeless Karan. Stop spreading rumours and stop messing with the personal life of other people shameless, gutless, hopeless futile R&AW agents. BTW R&AW Karan likes to refer to him as a person with potential, as a matter of fact, he is disgusting, hopeless and futile. His potential is in violating human rights, spreading lies and making false propaganda. His potential is in misusing surveillance equipment for personal reasons and even violating privacy.

      If there are any ownership changes or major appointments, an announcement would be made via the blog and the company website would be updated appropriately.

DO NOT believe in propaganda!

Terrorist Organization Indian R&AW vs Founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Services Limited

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