Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

Most of you might know that because of the R&AW agent's harassment, spying, identity theft, advanced spying equipment (invisible drone capable of seeing, recording, screenshotting, whispering and even mind-reading) misuse, I have stopped working on my company and have started applying for jobs. As part of job applications, a certain respected job recruiter submitted my resume to Sage on my behalf. I received an email to continue and verify the details of the application. I verified and updated some mistakes. Sage seems to use SalesForce for recruiting. I am practically shocked that Salesforce uses links and no passwords. The links are re-usable, multiple people can open the same link if they know the little id part. This is a glaring security issue especially when it comes to targeted hacking and identity theft like what's happening with me. These people use some kind of a LINE group and some YouTube channel for propaganda. I would like to request the entire I.T world to use long tokens rather than shorter guids and to expire the generated long token when accessed.

The list of rogues:

1) Erra Sowjnya or Erra Kanti - identity thief

2) Erra Karan / Kareem - Rogue R&AW agent

3) Thota Uttam - identity thief and look alike - Rogue R&AW agent, has multiple identities with multiple surnames even on my own surname of Arumilli, but there is no one by the name of Arumilli Uttam.

4) Thota Veera - Rogue R&AW agent

5) Thota Bandhavi who claims to be Arumilli Bandhavi but she is not part of my family and not related to anyone in my family.

6) Arumilli Srinivas - No one in my family by that name

7) Some Cuban - Michael Ray or something like that

8) B,C,E,I,Z Sowjanya's (Note: Sowjanya Konudula is my wife, these biatches impersonate my wife)

9) Arumilli Sowjanya - who claims to be my sister, but no I don't have any sister's by that name

I don't know about any "eye witness testimony", but supposedly in some "eye witness testimony" most of the above-mentioned people might have lied. Some of the above-mentioned people are involved in some black money scam for a TEA - Targeted Employment Area application for immigrating to United States - investment visa - $900k, some more people are involved in some backdoor-immigration scams and Green Card scams. At least one of the above-mentioned women and at least of the above-mentioned men are an escort and pimp.

Some security vulnerabilities in SalesForce

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