Sunday, February 20, 2022

Hackers - Beware

Hackers - Beware

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         Hackers do hacking with various intentions. Here in this case, state trained and state-sponsored Indian R&AW (spying organization) are the hackers. They have some kind of advanced spying equipment. And they usually are within the vicinity. Several times while installing various software and before I login using the default credentials, these people log in and impersonate. These people have formed some kind of a chat group and some youtube channel. I don't know the chat group or the Youtube channel. They assume their Youtube channel of impersonation is their proof, but in reality, their Youtube channel is a proof of targeted identity theft, harassment and hacking. Hacking can pretty much be thought of as illegal usage of any computing device. For example, logging into servers that don't belong to them or logging into web accounts that don't belong to them. The Linux servers have all the required monitoring. This morning I was playing around with a Project Management Tool known as OpenProject available at After installation, by following the steps provided in:, the default credentials are admin/admin. That's when I noticed unusual activity, no data loss but illegal misuse of surveillance equipment for targeted hacking, impersonation, identity theft and harassment. There was no breach of any data, immediately the instance was terminated. The equipment is some kind of a group of invisible micro-drones capable of viewing, recording video and audio, screenshotting, whispering and even mind reading. The hackers need to be controlled or the people who are misusing surveillance equipment for personal agenda and malicious reasons need to be arrested. I.T software should evolve much more to protect servers, applications from such misuse of surveillance equipment. I don't if the advanced surveillance equipment was manufactured overseas or not. But the misuse is definitely being done by some rogue R&AW agents for personal reasons and with malicious intentions.

Hackers - Beware

Friday, February 18, 2022

Back to London in 3 weeks!

Back to London in 3 weeks!

    I am coming back to London in 3 weeks. I will be in London on 3/11. The trip to India has been relaxing, made some important decisions related to my future. Spent some good time with my parents, met my wife with whom, I got separated (not divorced) about 2.5 years ago. We do have plans to live together sometime in the future, but not yet. Progress on company-related activities has been minimal. More backend related tasks are in progress, the primary focus has been creating impenetrable servers with active monitoring and alerts. 

    The online spies/hackers / R&AW agents have (in the past) and are (currently) creating havoc and chaos.  The so-called 'E', 'Uttam', 'Bojja', 'Bhattaru', 'Jigatala', 'Thota', 'Karan', 'Kamalakar', 'Karunakar', female 'Kanti / Kanthi' along with a few others are the culprits. Pretty much identity theft, illegal immigration, hacking and cover-up and misuse of advanced, state of the art surveillance equipment. They have invisible drones capable of screenshotting, viewing, whispering, recording, probably even mind-reading capabilities. As a defensive measure, SimplePass has been the first step in building a defence against them. Now, I am developing more tools as a defensive measure, pretty much zero-trust computing. 

Back to London in 3 weeks!

Friday, February 11, 2022

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

    ALight Technology And Services Limited is happy to anounce the release of open source tool Guac_Tools. GuacTools is a small console based application that can be used while installing Apache Guacamole application. I am extremely grateful to the Apache Foundation for developing such a wonderful and useful application.

    Three problems I found while playing around with Guacamole installation are:

1) Specifying mysql password in plaintext in properties file (in-development / buggy).

2) Specifying Duo security keys in plaintext in properties file.

3) 'guacadmin' is the default password.

Most of you know about the onLINE spies / hackers group's advanced surveilance equipment misuse for identity theft, impersonation and harassment. To keep my servers and applications protected from those spies / hackers who can see whatever you see, hear whatever you hear and even whisper using some advanced invisible drones. I thought of developing a small tool for personal purposes and thought why not open source the application and maybe even create a demo video on how to install Apache Guacamole, how to use the tool to stay from the spies / hackers. The demo video would be created in 7 - 10 days.

The source code can be accessed from here:

Any other future opensource projects can be accessed from:

Slightly over 200 lines of code and not useful for many people, so there would not be any planned updates or feature enhancements.

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

Code Snippet - Read Password from Console C#

 Code Snippet - Read Password from Console C#

        The following code snippet shows how to read string from console without outputting the typed in characters, useful for reading passwords etc...

        The important difference is to use Console.ReadKey(true) for reading each character instead of Console.ReadKey() or Console.ReadLine().

var sb = new StringBuilder();

    while (true)


        var c = Console.ReadKey(true);

        if (c.Key == ConsoleKey.Enter)




    return sb.ToString();

Code Snippet - Read Password from Console C#

WebVeta has been accepted into, actual details not finalized yet!

  My Software as a Service (SaaS) product, WebVeta , has been accepted into . is a venture capitalist firm with a stron...