Friday, February 11, 2022

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

    ALight Technology And Services Limited is happy to anounce the release of open source tool Guac_Tools. GuacTools is a small console based application that can be used while installing Apache Guacamole application. I am extremely grateful to the Apache Foundation for developing such a wonderful and useful application.

    Three problems I found while playing around with Guacamole installation are:

1) Specifying mysql password in plaintext in properties file (in-development / buggy).

2) Specifying Duo security keys in plaintext in properties file.

3) 'guacadmin' is the default password.

Most of you know about the onLINE spies / hackers group's advanced surveilance equipment misuse for identity theft, impersonation and harassment. To keep my servers and applications protected from those spies / hackers who can see whatever you see, hear whatever you hear and even whisper using some advanced invisible drones. I thought of developing a small tool for personal purposes and thought why not open source the application and maybe even create a demo video on how to install Apache Guacamole, how to use the tool to stay from the spies / hackers. The demo video would be created in 7 - 10 days.

The source code can be accessed from here:

Any other future opensource projects can be accessed from:

Slightly over 200 lines of code and not useful for many people, so there would not be any planned updates or feature enhancements.

OpenSource tool GuacTools published!

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