Friday, February 18, 2022

Back to London in 3 weeks!

Back to London in 3 weeks!

    I am coming back to London in 3 weeks. I will be in London on 3/11. The trip to India has been relaxing, made some important decisions related to my future. Spent some good time with my parents, met my wife with whom, I got separated (not divorced) about 2.5 years ago. We do have plans to live together sometime in the future, but not yet. Progress on company-related activities has been minimal. More backend related tasks are in progress, the primary focus has been creating impenetrable servers with active monitoring and alerts. 

    The online spies/hackers / R&AW agents have (in the past) and are (currently) creating havoc and chaos.  The so-called 'E', 'Uttam', 'Bojja', 'Bhattaru', 'Jigatala', 'Thota', 'Karan', 'Kamalakar', 'Karunakar', female 'Kanti / Kanthi' along with a few others are the culprits. Pretty much identity theft, illegal immigration, hacking and cover-up and misuse of advanced, state of the art surveillance equipment. They have invisible drones capable of screenshotting, viewing, whispering, recording, probably even mind-reading capabilities. As a defensive measure, SimplePass has been the first step in building a defence against them. Now, I am developing more tools as a defensive measure, pretty much zero-trust computing. 

Back to London in 3 weeks!

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