Sunday, November 28, 2021

Do NOT believe the Impersonators!

Do NOT believe the Impersonators!

To whomsoever concerned,

   Do not believe in the stories being spread by the R&AW agents, who have impersonated, defamed, did identity theft and tried to frame. They use some kind of YouTube propaganda and re-issued documents, stolen documents or forged documents for identity theft. I have all of my original identity documents, educational certificates, proper visa paperwork, proper stampings on my passports, bank statements to support my statements, my educational expenses, my taxes etc... Because the rogue R&AW impersonators don't have proper passports and proper stamping they might even have created stories of travelling like dogs or travelling like asylum seekers in shipping containers. Those are all stories created by rogue R&AW impersonators. Or they might even say that some American is an ex, but still even if an American is an ex, they still need to show marriage certificates, visa applications etc... Please do not believe in these stories / propaganda / rumours by identity thieves who are creating a havoc and probably trying to cover-up the biggest fraud / money laundering or hack of the recent decade.

1) Demonetization - India's Prime Minister might have leaked the demonetization announcement to the big fish and money might have been moved overseas. A possibility, not blaming Mr. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India or BJP party, but saying that's a possibility. Now the money laundering chain of people need a cover. Absolutely no disrespect to the Prime Minister of India.

2) Hacking - The spies use advanced equipment that can see, screenshot, record videos, audio, make whispers and even mind reading capabilities. There is a very high probability of hacking and ransom. For certain reasons, I am suspecting the Indian R&AW agents. And that's the reason my first product was a easy password manager. Even if mind reading equipment / surveillance is done,  they can't know the passwords. When passwords are sent in plaintext via emails (A very bad practice, these people hack and impersonate by saying their accounts, even OTP's are not safe, because everything you see, hear and think can be seen, heard and they know what you are thinking). That's the reason ALight Technology And Services Limited has implemented biometric authentication for AWS console access and in the process of securing servers using biometric authentication.)

3) These black money laundering / ransom people do not want to be caught, so they impersonate other people's, make purchases on some else's name and address. They would even make claims as someone else's brothers / sisters / ex. How hard is it to ask your brother / sister / ex / spouse to transfer money into your account? How hard is it to change the name on deliveries such as Deliveroo / Amazon. For example Mr. A would purchase on Amazon but miss B would impersonate. If miss B is making the purchases, how hard is it to change the name on the deliveries?

Ultimately, stay safe from the spying hackers, stay away from the propaganda / rumors / social engineers who have a malicious motive. If you suspect any such crimes being done against me - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli, Male, Indian, 41 years old or against my company ALight Technology And Services Limited, please report to me via Contact form at  or by sending me an email at / or calling / text / WhatsApp on +44-07718-273-964 / +1-480-347-6849 / +91-789-362-6688 or by reporting to the concerned authorities in the United Kingdom / India / United States of America where appropriate.

Do NOT believe the Impersonators!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Clarification about employees!

Clarification about employees!

   As of today, the 21st of November 2021, my company, ALight Technology And Services Limited does not have any other employees! ALight Technology And Services Limited, though registered as a Private Limited Company, operates as a Sole Trader for now, due to visa restrictions within the United Kingdom. As an Indian, living in the United Kingdom, I have great respect for the United Kingdom's immigration laws and rules, and I sincerely adhere to all the laws of the United Kingdom. There might be some wannabe's or impersonators/hackers/spies / anonymous group / R&AW agents who might mislead into believing otherwise.

   I, Arumilli (Surname) Kanti Kalyan (Given name), am the sole employee of ALight Technology And Services Limited. If anyone says otherwise or makes you believe otherwise, either in person or some social media platform or electronic communication or in another form of communication; they are probably trying to use social engineering tactics for gaining information / spreading wrong information / any other malicious reasons. If you or anyone you know come across any such criminals, please inform me using the official companies support form located at: or directly emailing me at or or directly file a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement authorities within the United Kingdom.

   The people with the surnames of B, E, I, Thota are in no way related to me in my personal or my company. The people with code names OS, IS, ES, Karan, Kamal, Karunkar, Kamlakar, Veera, Raghava, Bandhavi, Srinivas, Uttam are also not connected to me directly in my personal life nor my company.

   There is one particular Sowjanya who lives and from Hyderabad, India and my wife, not living together, but not yet divorced (One of my LinkedIn contact). Except for her, I don't have any kind of personal relationship with any other Sowjanya's or my company.

   Heard some rumours about Anna Bianca Jones; she was my M.B.A batchmate at Hult International Business School, London - 2020 - 2021. But, she is not even my Facebook / LinkedIn contact. No disrespect for her, but she is neither an employee nor a partner nor a contractor nor a sub-contractor.  

   There are no one else who are part of my company on my family name - Arumilli.  The above mentioned list of culprits might have created virtual identities / fake identities / some stupid adoption / after marriage identities under my surname but absolutely none of them are part of my family. In other words, I don't know anyone with the following list of names and my surname - Arumilli. "Karan, Kamal, Karunkar, Kamlakar, Veera, Raghava, Bandhavi, Srinivas, Uttam"

Clarification about employees!

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