Saturday, September 17, 2022

PodDB Alpha version being launched on September 24th

The past few days, I have been slightly busy with the development of PodDB. 

What is PodDB?

PodDB is a search engine and a directory of podcasts. The first release would index just the Podcast feed, not episodes and 200 - 300 of the most popular podcasts, but slowly the database would grow to hold 30,000 - 40,000 podcasts and possibly 2 - 3 million if the application gains traction. In 1 - 2 months, episode-based indexing would also happen.

For the first version, I have planned a very simple search engine but I had the opportunity to do slightly more development and have developed podcast directory and podcast pages also.

Currently, I am stabilizing the application performing some performance tweaks and refactoring some code in such a way for longer term durability such as automatic backups of indexes, alerts, monitoring, dashboard etc... as in more of an enterprise-grade rather than rushing through in a startup-style. I do have some very long-term plans based on traction. 

The application is completely written using Microsoft .Net technologies using ASP.Net Core MVC, C#, MySQL, Solr and has few backend processes, web application etc... I have made a conscious choice to not use SPA frameworks such as Angular/React/Blazor because I need some traction based on Search Engine visibility. SPA frameworks are for a different style of applications not when search engine visibility is of importance. Here is the funny part, I do plan to use some Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques (I am aware of the higher level concepts) for some features in the future and do plan to dabble with Python (Another programming language, slightly different syntax but same concepts of arrays, for loops, if's etc...) in the future.

One of my family member's birthdays is on September 24th, I am planning to launch on September 24th to coincide with my family member's birthday.

Now for the regular rant, who or what is an "ass", some R&AW spy claiming to be part of my family? And that too claiming my identity and certificates? I would rather kick that person's ass. Most likely someone related to either Srinivas or Uttam (Uttam + sriniVAS = UVAS - identity thieves, rogue R&AW agents, spies, intellectual property thieves) or Thota Veera or Erra Diwakar or Mukesh Golla. For all pratcial purposes they are evil monsters, human rights violators and should be considered and prosecuted as terrorists.

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