Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Version 0.3.6 release!

 Version 0.3.6 release!

Version 0.3.6 of SimplePass will be released in the next 24 hours! The new features are:

1) SimplePass now tracks create and update dates of passwords. Password expiration days can be configured in settings. List page has the ability to filter expired and soon to be expiring passwords. As a good password management practice, periodically changing passwords is a best practice.

2) Master password creation and update dates are tracked. Changing master password is also a good practice. Just don't forget, there is no way of recovering if you forget the master password. Although the application requires at least 4 alphanumerics for the master password, the longer the master password the higher security.

3) Whenever a new password is generated or re-generated, password strength is displayed. The higher the number, the better.

4) Some rework on the internal working of the menu system for some future work. This has no visual effect for users.

More features are planned in the roadmap of the free version. The current roadmap can be viewed here. In addition, the following features would be provided as part of the free version.

1) Tracking the backup status of entries, so that you would know if there are entries that haven't been backed up.

2) Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox integration for easy backups and imports across devices. But you are responsible for safeguarding these accounts.

3) Remembering parameters used to generate each password, so that the settings are remembered for each entry.

4) Groups - Allowing entries to be arranged as groups such as email, internet, banking, education etc...

5) Optional Recycle Bin type of feature for deleted entries.

6) Additional security layer such as public/private key instead of the master password and/or in addition to the master password.

7) Native apps for Windows Store, Windows Desktop, MacOS, Linux, Android Mobile and Tablets, Kindle Fire, Apple iPhone and iPad.

8) Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge Browser extensions.

9) Notes, Encrypted Notes as part of entries.

10) Select multiple entries and perform various things.

11) Autofill prompt for usernames in entries.

12) Vaults - think of vaults like multiple files. One vault for work purposes, another for home-related. Or one vault in memory mode another vault like the current mode.

13) Ability to import passwords from CSV files. Some 3rd party applications allow exporting passwords into CSV. So, if you are using a third-party application and want to switch to SimplePass, this would be easier.

14) Update Password mode. - When updating passwords on websites, usually we enter the current password, new password twice, and click save. In a similar way, SimplePass would hold the current password and new password. Once the change is successful, Clicking update would remove the old password and replace it with the new password, else, the new password will be discarded. 

Version 0.3.6 release!

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