Sunday, December 19, 2021

Beta of new website almost ready!

Beta of new website almost ready! 

Due to certain reasons beyond my control, (as a matter of fact, most of the people do not even the reasons) the planned updates to the primary website hosted at have been slightly delayed. The internal beta is almost complete (only accessible from VPN, I opened to general public for some time earlier today for running some security scans). 

If things go without interruption, the production launch would be on or before Christmas!

For the time-being project management portal, customer service portal are going to be delayed slightly. There are some plans for 2022, both from client communication perspective and product launches perspective. The tentative dates for new products, features are not yet decided, but an internal roadmap of a plethora of free / commercial / customer experience enhancing products are planned. As always, this blog would be the primary means of communication.

I have some plans of educating the general public on how to secure web / email accounts via blog posts and planning some free webinars in 2022. As always, striving for the betterment of humanity and excellence.

Once again, beware of the impersonators, use the Contact form for any employment verification related enquiries. As of now, one person company. You can contact me on FaceBook / LinkedIn or using the contact form / sending email to / If you are tech enthusiast / entrepreneur / in general if you want to talk about anything related to tech, contact me. I always like talking about intellectual / techie things.

Stay safe! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas and new years!

Beta of new website almost ready!

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