Friday, December 24, 2021

Moving to India!

Moving to India!

As most of you might have known, I started ALight Technology And Services Limited while on student visa in London, United Kingdom. For whatever technical reasons, my Graduate Route Visa was not processed in time. I have waited 4 months, and I am waiting another 3 weeks. Irrespective of what happens I am planning to move to India on January 15th. If my Graduate Route Visa gets approved meanwhile, I will come back to London in February. If not, I will stay in India!

I don't have any clients yet, because the business is not fully operational yet because of the visa restrictions. But once I move back to India, I won't have any restrictions and my sole focus would be my business. As of now, I am operating the business as a single person due to visa restrictions. But starting February, I might consider hiring some people.

ALight Technology And Services Limited has an equality and diversity policy. I believe in talent. Irrespective of background, ethnicity, religion, culture, country, ALight Technology And Services Limited welcomes talented individuals.

With that said, moving to India is just a very small setback in the bigger picture. But, in today's modern connected world, operating from India is not a problem and will never be a problem. If my Graduate Route Visa gets approved, it would be great and I can try to rapidly expand in United Kingdom and in India!

I will try to catch up with some of you people by attending another one or two business networking events here in London before January 15th.

Moving to India!

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