Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Mid week update, business networking event and possibly postponing of India trip

Mid week update, business networking event and possibly postponing of India trip 

Current planned monitoring and alerting system has been implemented. There are few other monitoring and alerts to be placed along with auditing and accounting that would happen in the next few weeks to few months. Right now important alerts are in place. Monitoring is happening, log collection is happening. Over the next few weeks data would be collected and monitored to analyse patterns and to raise alerts in case of abnormal activity. This is a completely home grown solution. Probably could be a separate small product for startups and small businesses with workloads in the cloud. But for now, rolling out the monitoring solution as a commercial product is not a priority. However, if anyone needs some technical guidance or implementation help, please feel free to contact me on admin@alightservices.com / kantikalyan.arumilli@alightservices.com or call on +44-07718-273-964 / +1-480-347-6849 / +91-789-362-6688 or via the contact form located at https://www.alightservices.com/contact/.

The next focused products are the planned enterprise grade VPN solution (no guarantees yet) at a reasonable price point and a simple web monitoring product. The web monitoring product is not new or complex but more of a value-added service for potential future clients and could be offered as a freemium product for external clients. Hoping to have a preview, beta up and running soon. Some of the other planned value-added services for client transparency are solutions for managing, viewing automated backups, having the ability to submit on demand full / incremental backups, being able to see errors, server health, server uptime, maintainence logs etc...

Today i.e on 12th of January 2022, I am planning to attend a business networking event at All Bar One, Bishopgate London. Yesterday, on 11th January 2022, I purchased tickets for a business networking event at Patch Bar, Carter Lane but ended up not going as I was busy wrapping up things with the monitoring system and planning the next steps.

Regarding India trip, I booked my flight tickets for January 15th. Although my Graduate Route Visa has been approve on the  7th, I am awaiting delivery of the new BRP card. Obviously, I have to postpone my trip because without the new BRP card, I won't be able to come back to London. I did buy some extra fee in anticipation of postponing / cancelling. So, I can postpone up to 4 hours prior to flight departure. I will wait until 14th evening before postponing the flight.

I am considering to start a new podcast that would be related to business, technology and ALight Technology And Services Limited and would go hand in hand with the current blog. Although I made few podcasts previously, those podcasts didn't gain much traction. The previous podcast can be found at https://anchor.fm/kanti. I might add few more episodes into the above mentioned podcast at a later point, once in a while!

Mid week update, business networking event and possibly postponing of India trip

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