Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Social & Business Networking!

 Social & Business Networking!

     Now I am back in London and would be attending some Social and Business Networking events. I signed up for the yearly membership on London Connector + Global Net events on March 11th as soon as I came back to London. I might not attend all the events but definitely most. However, as most of you might have heard about the Indian R&AW "Just", "Focus", "Yuvas", "Players", in other words, the game of impersonation sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs of India or should I say some major cover-up by India and Indian R&AW agents?

   Either way, because I maintain clarity amid chaos, I decided to create an official webpage on the company's official website to specifically mention the particular Social and Business Networking events that I would be attending in person. The events page can be accessed at https://www.alightservices.com/events/.

Social & Business Networking!

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