Thursday, June 2, 2022

Partial business activities resumed!

Partial business activities resumed!

     Partial business activities are being resumed i.e only the managed I.T services part of the business operations is being resumed. No product development i.e I am not going to encourage the source code thief/parallel programming/invisible drone misuse construction worker (in reality R&AW spy and hacker and some asshole who gets free sexual favours from hookers and harasses me so that the hookers can steal my identity) who claims to be a developer -  R&AW dirty dozen rabid/street dogs. I would say, passport, stampings, A file from USCIS matters. Dog travel, shipping container travel stories are spewed by rogue R&AW spying identity thieves whom I would call as traitors of India, because they are not serving India. Instead, they have their own personal agenda's - the dirty dozen are traitors of India.

     I am hoping to make one or two exciting new capabilities related announcements over the next 2 - 3 weeks, hopefully before this month-end. As usual no clients yet nor any other employee other than the founder Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. One Person Company for now, thwarting the latest and greatest threats in cyber security and cyber-terrorism.

    As usual the disclaimer:

    ALight Technology And Services Limited or the founder is not associated with:

- Not associated with any Thota surnamed people.

- Not associated with Zinnabathuni surnamed people

- Not associated with Erra/Yerra surnamed people

- Not associated with Bojja Srinivas (was a friend, not anymore), Mukesh Goll (was a classmate 1998 - 2002, not even a friend anymore), Bhattaru Sowjanya (was my ICICI bank account service representative a long time ago, not anymore), Helene Smart (was my lecturer when I have studied MBA - 2020 - 2021) - she is a professional lecturer and she is not directly or indirectly related to me or my business.

- Not associated with anyone by the name(s) of Veera, Uttam, Karan, Kamalakar, Diwakar, Sowjanya (except for one particular Sowjanya, but she is not involved with the business), Sowmya, Kareem, Bandhavi, Anna, Bianca, Jones or any combinations of the above names.

- Not associated with the following code worded people - "is", "already", "es", "ek", "eka", "ekk", "o"

- Not associated with the cuban thug/goon - Michael Vega or Ray or whatever

- Not associated with British impersonator of Annabel Bryson (Classmate MBA - 2020 - 2021)

- Not associated with any female(s) with the first name of "Kanti" - identity thieves and their helper "Kalyan"'s.

- Not associated with anyone with a surname of "Kanti" other than Ravi Kanti, who was a colleague (QA - but different team) back in Phoenix, Arizona, United States when I used to work for TSYS Acquiring Solutions as a Technical Lead Developer.

- Not associated with any of the shadow, morning-evening identity changing chameleons/ loan defaulters/ illegal immigrator's/ money launderers. I know I am being framed by the LINE group of R&AW agents who shadow me, handle my deliveries/couriers, get their deliveries on my address, signature manipulator's etc...

Biggest joke, I heard was some trash picker signing on receipts that don't need signature. For example, some debit and credit card payments need signature and the receipt clearly requests signature. I heard of some stupid shadow rogue R&AW spy signing on my receipts that don't need signature and of course mixing her own receipts as well. 

Another bigger joke, these rogue R&AW shadow spies trying to frame me as surname of Kanti and name of Kalyan. While my surname is Arumilli and name is "Kanti Kalyan". Just some jealous, poor mindset, negative mindset, wasteful scum bags, who don't have a life or a purpose and would cause damage to other people and other people's repuatation. Pretty much like scum bags, leeches of planet earth, good for nothing, barely surviving and doing nothing sadistic, psycho bastards. That tells me a lot about what kind of a family they might have been born into and what kind of a upbringing and what kind of people they were surrounded by in their childhood. Because these three factors during childhood make huge difference in the mentality of the grown-ups. Ofcourse, anyone can take control of their own future and can start making right decisions, but instead these freeloaders might smoking some weed, eating magic mushrooms and living a free pariah life.


This is not an exclusive list but the list of probable hackers/ source code thieves / cyber terrorists / human rights violators.

Partial business activities resumed!

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