Thursday, July 7, 2022

P4H London - Open for partnering and or sub-contract opportunities

P4H London - Open for partnering and or sub-contract opportunities

         After a long day, I am writing this blog post. I have travelled to Birmingham and attended NHS ‏Procurement Event at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. 

         I am relatively new to tendering, in my 12+ years of work experience in several companies in India and United States of America, I never had the opportunity of working on bids / tenders and on any public sector contracts. I did submit some bids / tenders in the past one year, based on my own understanding on behalf of ALight Technology And Services Limited. All the tenders were rejected, but one particular tender was rejected based abnormally low pricing. 

         I did learn few things and was very nice meeting some very informative people at various booths such as Amazon Business, London Procurement Partnership, Innovas Consulting, Pass Procurement etc... Now, I came back to London.

        ALight Technology And Services Limited is looking forward to be part of bid consortium's or taking up sub-contracts. I can be contacted via email: or or via Contact form.

Here are some of my photos:

Meanwhile, my very own country's traitor R&AW spies would continue spewing some stupid propaganda of some Uttam, Srinivas,  Karan/Kamalakar/Karunkar/Diwakar, few different unrelated Sowjanya's (my spouse Sowjanya is on my LinkedIn network), few different females who claim to have my name - Kanti (identity thieves?), Thota Veera, some Bandhavi, some code names of "os", "so", "es", "e", "ok", "okay" etc... The spies would know what they are trying to cover up, what is their ulterior motive and the meaning of the above code words. I am not involved in whatever stupidity they did and whatever trading of identities or identity theft or illegal immigration or espionage. I am fed up with explaining to people about the R&AW's identity theft, illegal immigration, and cover-up scam. And whatever this so-called onLINE group or LINES group, I am not part of them. But, from what I heard, they impersonate, shadow, and make false claims and accusations related to bank accounts? It's a shame to see my country's intelligence (R&AW) i.e supposed to be some of the most intelligent Indians ending up becoming no-brain identity thieves, spewing lies, violating human rights and they harassed me so much and tried to frame and defame me so much that I started calling the rogue R&AW spies as terrorists.

P4H London - Open for partnering and or sub-contract opportunities

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