Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Disappointing News!

     I hoped to make a positive announcement tomorrow, but I have disappointing news. I had a job offer from Mphasis in London. I have been super happy and provided all the required documents. I have shown all of my past and current legal immigration documents. My current India passport - R4542950, my curent Graduate Route Visa BRP - RY7552312. I have shown 2 expired passports, 1 expired BRP. I have sent them my A file from USCIS regarding my past H1B employment between 2008 and 2016. I have signed several forms, agreed for background verification, I did not have N.I number, I applied for N.I number and waiting on N.I number. As per U.K government, I can start working while waiting on N.I number. I have provided share code and proved my right to work in U.K. Yesterday, I went in person and showed all of my documents. Last night, I have received an email saying Welcome onboard but the employee id was empty. This morning, I sent an email mentioning the same. And sent a follow-up email.

     I received a call from the H.R who said the employment is being revoked, I did not receive any receive an official confirmation of revokement via email. I have not been provided with any valid reason other than not having N.I number. But the government of the United Kingdom clearly states that I can start working while waiting on N.I number.

   One last thing, until now, I never saw a job offer being rejected in the very last minute and without any valid reason. If Mphasis is helping the R&AW identity thieves, it's a serious offense and a crime and this is probably what happened 5 years ago in United States and now here in United Kingdom. If yes, how many more innocent and hard-working individuals Indians who have immigrated to other countries identities are being stolen? If Mphasis did not help them, not a problem.

    Shame on the R&AW spies, shame on India!

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