Monday, December 26, 2022

Partial activities being resumed

Partial activities being resumed

ALight Technology And Services Limited's founder and CEO Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli (Facebook, LinkedIn) has been the target of anonymous hackers, R&AW (Research And Analysis Wing - India's (my own country) spying organization for over the past 6 years. They did illegal immigration by identity theft, submitted falsified documents for illegal immigration and probably few million USD money laundering (the source of money might be hackers ransom or any other dubious sources). They say "all" / "process" as in anonymous usage of money in smaller bank accounts on other people's names and e-commerce transactions on virtual identities and possibly other people's address. There is a very serious pattern and definitely the tactics of either spies (espionage) / anonymous hackers / mafia / terrorists (terrorist funding, anonymizing). This should be a very serious concern for law enforcement and intelligence.

In the past 6 years, I have learned to secure some of my accounts, yet have been hacked few times. As a I.T company founder, I do realize the importance of security, data and integrity. I know they have invisible drone capable of spying i.e viewing, recording audio and video, screenshotting, whispering and even mind reading. There is a very very high probability of espionage, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft.

I have been the target of them for over 6 years. I have spent sleepless nights for the past 6 years because of their whispering and even trying to send sub-conscious messages during deep sleep stages by whispering. Somehow, my brain has evolved into disagreeing and rejecting negativity. I have put my cell phone's audio recorder on, beside me during sleep and did find audio whisperings. There were several CCTV camera recordings of the people speaking from the invisible drone. In december of 2021, when I reported this to the police in London, they thought I had hallucinations and sectioned me under mental health act, but in reality, I was not hallucinating and I was let go after an independent panel of doctor's review. Here is the question, if I hear voices - hallucination. If my camera records voices is my camera hallucinating?

Anyway the point is India's R&AW spies have went to extreme measures to cover-up some money laundering, illegal immigration, Green card scam.

I am very serious about the security at ALight Technology And Services Limited and I am increasing the monitoring and alerting systems. Product development has been paused.

Partial activities being resumed

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