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Q1 & Q2 2023 roadmap for ALight Technology And Services Limited

Q1 & Q2 2023 roadmap for ALight Technology And Services Limited

I am moving back to India on December 8th. I am NOT shutting down ALight Technology And Services Limited because my company registration, capital ingestion by me are most important clues in an international black money laundering, identity theft crime, illegal immigration scam. My money clean sources - Bank of America, United States - account opened in 2008, ICICI bank, India account opened in 2017. The identity thieves - black money launderers. Read this blog post, and the following websites for more information. I am one person company with no employees, no clients.

ALight Technology And Services Limited

This is a disappointing anouncement, but the right thing to do.

Q1 and Q2 2023 would be about securing, monitoring, alerting, high grade data security and application security leveraging AWS services and / or custom development. As of now, no customer data is hosted on ALight Technology And Service Limited's servers. In the future, if PodDB were to become a consumer oriented free product, I would be storing some minimal data like usernames / emails etc... of PodDB users. 

The spies / hackers have state of the art equipment something like a hidden drone with capabilities of viewing, screenshotting, recording video, whispering, listening and even mind-reading. Yes, India's trained spies / hackers who misuse the equipment for begging ransom (cover-up as vaata / water / percentages),  OTP theft for logging into accounts, etc..., screenshots of other people's bank accounts, emails etc... for covering up their ransoms - black money and acting innocent. In some cases I even heard about people creating affair stories i.e some hacker woman would claim to be living with someone else by taking photos using the invisible drone etc... I know they have screenshotted my AWS Console and have made absurd claims. They have shadowed me and handled some of my deliveries and tried to act innocent as though they had clean source of money and / or for targeted identity theft.

Given the above situation, identity theft, targeted harassment, targeted identity theft, signature forgeries etc... I would say upgrading the security to the highest level would be the answer. For example, if I don't know the password for the database, how can they hack, even with mind-reading equipment. What if I use a Lambda or an application for generating password and storing the password in AWS, now even I wouldn't know the password, then how can these India's R&AW spies / psycho sadists hack? They might be able to hack if they login into the server, but what if I have monitoring on the server i.e some alert as soon as someone logs in?

Action Plan:

1) Rotating and auto-generated password tools

2) Monitoring, alerting

3) NIST Cyber Security Framework implementation

4) Me personally studying and getting certified in AWS Database, AWS Security

With this in mind, there would be few updates for PodDB but most of the updates might not be directly visible for end-users but more of internal updates. I would be making relevant blog anouncements on a necessary basis.

The list of the R&AW spy/hacker/psycho sadists include:

1) Zinnabathuni Sowjanya

2) Thota Veera and few of his family members

3) Erra surnamed couple - male - Diwakar / Karan / whatever and female - Sowjanya / Sowmya / whatever

4) Uttam - don't know his surname

5) Bojja Srinivas

6) Some cuban spy don't know his name - some Michael or whatever - shame on him - tries to put the blame on the five eyes and CIA just because he has foreigner accent. Why would the five eyes or the CIA support illegal immigrants / spies who are trying to infiltrate their country?

Who on planet earth would travel like a dog and or in a container? Lies by identity thieves. If the female identity thief had a sex change operation wouldn't there be some kind of surgery related marks on her body (I don't know her, but some desperate stupid criminal, false propaganda). How can someone work in a company remotely from 2008, if the company did not allow remote work until at least 2012? If working remotely from India, why are paycheck bank account transactions in United States between 2008 and 2016? Similarly why are the addresses on IRS tax filings U.S based address if working remotely? Because Erra's, Thota's and several others did a lot of black money laundering, wanted to cover-up and wanted to steal my identity. I would raise these type of questions, because I know who I am. And these people have the stupid equipment, they did ask for ransom (begging), I didn't give them, I don't support criminals - no rewards for criminals. Then they started stealing from me and tried to frame me by signing on some receipts, doing signature forgery etc... All of my debit cards and credit cards have my signature on the back of my cards, I had the same signature even on my expired passport dating back to 2002, current passport from 2017. Their signature scam stories are only valid for propaganda, in real life, I am clean and they can't even touch me in legal manner, because they are criminals and spies and surviving on propaganda.

NOT associated with the erra / yerra karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, erra/yerra sowmya, erra/yerra sowjanya, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate, not anymore), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate, not anymore), erra sowmya, erra sowjanya, thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s.

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

B.Tech, M.B.A

Founder & CEO

Q1 & Q2 2023 roadmap for ALight Technology And Services Limited

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