Thursday, January 26, 2023

Scam Alert: ALight Technology And Services Has No Clients Nor Any Investors Nor Any Other Employees

I think the psychopath terrorists - erra's, thota's, zinnabathuni's, uttam's, srinivas's, bandhavi, veera, sowmya might be upto some investor visa scam ($900,000). There is a very high probability that the entire scam is around the identity of the founder - Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. I am NOT involved, I did not apply for any investor visa. These people definitely did some scam, the possibilities of scam:

1) Illegal Immigration - stealing of H1B extensions and thereby GreenCard application

2) Black Money Laundering

3) TEA (investor visa) scam

4) Identity theft

I have sent emails to the appropriate authorities in United States, India and if TEA scam - possibility of identity theft claims from LifeLock. I have sent email to LifeLock. The founder of ALight Technology And Services Limited has ingested capital into the company but due the scam, human rights violation, harassment - no revenue was generated and there were no clients.

If you come across such propaganda, please DO NOT believe.

More information: The entire details about the scam can be found in these blogs, websites and webpage(s).

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