Thursday, February 23, 2023

Example of lawlessness and corruption in India

Example of lawlessness and corruption in India

Isn't misrepresenting and lying under oath a crime? To the best of my knowledge, misrepresenting and lying under oath is a crime in every country on planet earth.

But in India, such criminals get government and public support. Moreover for covering up they do human rights violation, identity distortion, identity theft, signature forgery, black money laundering for defamation, defamation, murder attempts etc...

I myself am the victim. I don't know what the hell was a "eye witness testimony" where uttam, srinivas, thota veera, bandhavi, zinnabathuni sowjanya, erra karan / kareem / karunakar / diwakar, erra sowjanya / sowmya, bojja srinivas etc... might have attended and lied under oath. Don't know if all of the above have attended and lied or not, but all of these people have been definitely involved.

I don't know but I hear stories of some of them claiming to have traveled in containers or like dogs. That means they are identity thieves they did not even immigrate.

And then some stupid female identity thief claims to have married another illegal immigrator and immigrated illegally. Who cares if she married or not - she did illegal immigration - period.

If someone sits with my watchman and takes photos or videos of my deliveries then they are just impersonators handling deliveries, they don't become the real person.

And then some psycho claims to be a eunich and probably does not even look like me. She either lied or did signature forgery or some other crime and trying to do identity theft.

If they are trying to show off my or may be even someone else's purchases then their real purchases might be shady - don't know or they could be trying to defame.

Apart from this and they did so many crimes and yet they get support from media and law enforcement (Bribes?)

Example of lawlessness and corruption in India

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