Thursday, March 30, 2023

WebVeta - whats happening?

WebVeta - whats happening?

In this blog post, I am gonna tell some updates regarding WebVeta, the startup - ALight Technology And Services Limited and the psycho's of India's R&AWMAAfia!

Human Rights Violation:

Research And Analysis Wing is the spying organization of India! Rather than collecting intelligence, they have used all their skills for identity theft, impersonation, extortion etc... In other words they have used their spying skills, intelligence skills for personal benefits and organized crime i.e Mafia. Now, some members have been members of Movie Artists Association - MAA. Togther R&AWMAAfia!

They use a secret, invisible spying drone for harassment, identity theft, OTP theft etc.. They create a cluster of black money and use accounts from multiple people - this is for identity distortion. Once, they distort identity, they start the defamation phase i.e they try to frame someone else as fake. Then they do extortion. Pretty much cyber mafia tactics. And their sugary words for cover-up - "all" - economic offenders. Mafia, traitors of any nation try to effect a nation's economic stability by introducing counterfeited money, black money etc... Then organized crime i.e they target people who do not participate in their organized crime. They use tactics to financially destroy any person who do not participate in their organized crime. This is exactly what's happening in my personal life.

UVAS = Uttam + Srinivas did the identity distortion phase along with "erra", "thota", "veera", "bandhavi", "diwakar" etc...

Defamation phase - they shadowed and tried to get media's attention by signing on receipts, showing off ecommerce deliveries, mixing their purchases, binaami propaganda etc...

Extortion phase - Some of them claim to be part of my family, harass my elder parents and trying to claim inheritance - extortion.


I am serious about this project and trying to raise some capital from investors and even planning to launch fund raising via KickStarter and Indiegogo.

ALight Technology And Services Limited:

My personal stance is against the R&AWMAAfia's economic offender's pressure.

WebVeta - whats happening?

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated with the erra / yerra karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, erra / yerra sowmya, erra / yerra sowjanya, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998 – 2002, not anymore), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998 – 2002, not anymore), erra sowmya, erra sowjanya, thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas / Arumilli uttam(may be they are part of a different Arumilli family – not my family). I don’t have any siblings by the name of Sowjanya or Sowmya, Srinivas, Uttam.

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

B.Tech, M.B.A



Founder & CEO, Lead Full-Stack .Net developer

ALight Technology And Services Limited

Phone / SMS / WhatsApp on the following 3 numbers:

+91-789-362-6688, +1-480-347-6849, +44-07718-273-964

+44-33-3303-1284 (Preferred number if calling from U.K, No WhatsApp),,,, and 3 more rarely used email addresses – hardly once or twice a year. 

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