Monday, August 14, 2023

Another minor update for OpenSource LightKeysTransfer tool has been published

The new feature is support for slightly larger data.

The previous versions used RSA 2048 bit encryption. The data is encrypted using the public key and decrypted using the private key.

RSA 2048 bit keys cannot encrypt larger data.

This release supports larger data and here is the workflow:

1) Client generates a public/private key pair using RSA - asymmetric encryption - public key used for encryption, the data can be decrypted only with the private key. 

2) The server requests for the public key, the public key generated from the client is entered.

3) The server generates Key and IV using TripleDES - symmetric algorithm i.e same Key and IV are used for encryption and decryption.

4) The server displays encrypted Key and IV. These are entered in Client. The Client decrypts the encrypted Key and IV using the private key of the RSA

5) The server prompts for which file needs to be encrypted etc... like previous version

6) Encrypts data using RSA Key and IV and displays

7) After entering the encrypted data in the client, the client decrypts the data.

For .Net enthusiasts: Here is a blog post explaining RSA encryption - An overview of RSA for asymmetric encryption, decryption using C#.

LightKeysTransfer source code's CryptHelper.cs has the source code for RSA and TripleDES.

A new blog post would be written explaining TripleDES later in the technical- blog:

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