Friday, October 13, 2023

Migrated Most of Workloads from AWS to Azure, decommissioning SimplePass

 In early September, I have mentioned about migration servers from AWS to Azure - Internal maintenance, server migration. This effort has been completed. The following workloads have been migrated from AWS to Azure:


2) PodDB -

3) Few simple redirects i.e my own domains that redirect to

4) - My own static web page - one page.

The following workloads are being decommissioned:

1) SimplePass -

I think I should say the past 24 hours, I wore "system admin" hat. I am NOT boasting but in my one-man startup, I do everything. Sometimes "dba", "security architect", "technical architect", "product owner", "project manager", "developer" etc... My weakest point in the entire software development cycle - QA / testing, I do some normal sanity tests / unit tests.

Now, this task is complete, the next few days, I would be wearing - "security architect", "developer" hats. I am trying to implement an almost impenetrable VPN system. I would leak the details of the VPN system or show a demo in 2 weeks.

I have discussed the concepts in the past in the technical blog:

In other words, I am developing a system where VPN's server cert, client cert, client password are for one-use only, once connected and disconnected, the same .ovpn file or certs or password cannot be used for connecting.

And monitoring software watches cloud network security groups, if connected to VPN, the ports are allowed until disconnect. If disconnected, ports are automatically closed.

For example, I have been using AWS CodeBuild + Jenkins for some CI/CD. I don't want public access of Jenkins, although web traffic, Jenkins is not supposed to have public internet access, should be accessible only via VPN. Similalrly SSH / RDP etc...

Why am I so worried about cyber-security?

I have been targeted, harassed and hacked several times by a gang of R&AW/Mafia cyber-criminals for the over 6 years, 2 - 3 murder attempts, defamation. They even stalked, blackmailed, identity theft, identity distortion, invasion of privacy etc... In January of 2022, someone gained access to VPN for few minutes, and I got an alert and terminated the VPN server within 3 - 4 minutes, based on logs, no harm was done, but I did report to the ICO - Internet Commissioners Office.


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