Friday, June 28, 2024

ALight Technology And Services Limited got accepted into NATWEST Accelerator


ALight Technology And Services Limited & ALight Technologies USA Inc’s WebVeta SaaS product has been accepted into NATWEST accelerator program. The accelerator is a six month program set to start in September. I am attending this program virtually from India!

My special thanks and gratitude for Microsooft for Startup Founders, NASSCOM 10,000, Codeium.

Entrepreneur Accelerator | NatWest

Customers, who sign-up prior to 30/06/2024 get unlimited access to free features, newer features (with some restrictions), but for free for at least 1 year.

WebVeta is set to revolutionize the way we search on websites by providing an easily embeddable AI-based search engine that can be integrated into any website with just 2 - 3 lines of HTML code. WebVeta leverages advanced machine learning algorithms, A.I for offering powerful and accurate search capabilities without the need for complex setup or intricate coding processes. 

The NATWEST Accelerator Program:

NATWEST accelerator is a highly competitive program supporting startups with product development, business strategy, and network expansion within the tech industry. By joining  this prestigious ecosystem of innovators, ALight Technology And Services Limited has gains access to an incredible pool of resources, mentorship opportunities, and valuable connections in the European tech scene.


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