Thursday, June 13, 2024

What's new in June 13th 2024 update?


Introducing the latest upgrade: WebVeta's AI-Powered Search Engine

Search engines have become an integral part of our daily life. WebVeta’s innovative A.I.-based search engine takes your website(s) to the next level. The latest upgrade promises to revolutionize the way your users interact with your website's content.

Customers, who sign-up prior to 30/06/2024 get unlimited access to free features, newer features (with some restrictions), but for free for at least 1 year.


Neural Search in Closed Private Preview

For the past few weeks, I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to introduce A.I.-based neural feature into the search engine. In other words 14 – 15 months of effort has been done on normal text based search. The past 3 weeks has been exciting, A.I search introduces capabilities beyond text based search. The tremendous work happening across the I.T industry has been in A.I. WebVeta’s neural search capabilities positions WebVeta into the future.

Here is the best part – I am going to do the work and keeping up with the latest and greatest. Users of WebVeta just need to copy and paste few lines of HTML, configure the required features and relax. In 5 years if a new groundbreaking innovation happens regarding such, you are few clicks away from having the latest and greatest.


What's Ahead?

The current version has varying costs and the costs could vary significantly. The upcoming general availability release (GA) will introduce a cost-optimized and speed-enhanced version. This means you can expect:

Cost savings: A more balanced and predictable cost for any website and any budget!

Faster performance: Certain optimizations brings lightning-fast search results.


What Does this Mean for Your Website(s)?

By integrating WebVeta's AI-powered search engine into your website, you can:

Enhance user engagement: Offer your visitors a more intuitive and efficient way to find what they're looking for.

bottom line conversion rates: By making it easier for users to find relevant information, you'll be driving more conversions and boosting your revenuw

Stay ahead of the competition: Be at the forefront of innovation by using the latest A.I.-based search technology.


Get Ready for the Future of Search

Mark your calendars: our general availability release is just 30-45 days away. Stay tuned for updates, and be among the first to experience the enhanced capabilities of WebVeta's AI-powered search engine. Sign up for free version and get a head start on transforming your website into a search powerhouse.


Join the Revolution

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your website's search functionality. Join and be part of the exciting journey ahead. Follow on social media, and stay updated on our latest news and updates.


A demo of new features would be shown in 3 – 4 days.


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