Thursday, June 30, 2022

Intelligence mistakes?

Intelligence mistakes?

Respected people, law enforcement, intelligence, and investigative agencies no disrespect but you are much better than the rogue R&AW propagandists. Use your brains instead of believing in the lies. Or here is the best part, listen to the propaganda, and lies, identify the spun-up stories and have a hearty laugh.

Did some major mistake happen in some intelligence communities? Until very recently, I thought the culprits were only R&AW agents, but recently I am starting to believe more and more intelligence/surveillance / investigative agencies or law enforcement are also involved. Is this some kind of major multi-billion dollar or GBP scam? Did I underestimate the scam to be of a few million and a few backdoor illegal immigrants?

Why are so many people so keen on framing someone? Why did Indian R&AW spies, Indian diplomats target one person and tried to frame as changing identities and what are the code names of "a", "so", "os", "i", "already", "e", "o", "ok", "okay", "ko", "again"?

How many bribes were offered and how much money laundering happened? Do some of you even know the difference between serving the society vs bribing? Buying things or offering money or offering different types of in return for favors is known as bribing - not serving. Serving the society means doing something good for the society such as volunteering for a cause or donating money for a cause or even doing your normal civic duties such as when you see something wrong going on, doing the right thing and reporting to the concerned authorities. When did people lose common sense? When did people becoming dellusional into believing propagandas of criminals, identity thieves, bandits and dacoits?

Some of the techniques / propaganda used by the criminals:

1) Dog travel stories - Who travels like dogs? Do you think airport security would allow? Do you immigration officials would allow? Tell them to tell dog stories to dogs, we are humans, we don't believe dogs lies.

Analysis of above lie: The so-called dog traveller never even travelled, does not have a passport nor visa or stampings but did money laundering or some other money launderer spun up dog stories for money laundering or defamation or trying to invalidate the credentials of someone else.

2) Container travel stories - Same as above, same as above analysis.

3) What is a morning / evening identity shifting scam? - Why would anyone exchange identities or change identities? Is that even legal? I have an excellent career, education, professional memberships etc... Why would I change identity? Instead my identity would be a target of identity thieves and pathetic liars. In my case, the identity thief is a R&AW agent and somehow polluted the mind and intelligence of some other law enforcement / intelligence / investigative departments of India and other countries by creating fake evidences, false allegations etc... I don't know like may be signing my receipts - only certain receipts require signature, certain types of receipts don't need signature or shadowing me and showing some of my purchases along with his or her purchases or may be making purchases on my address without my concern. This is what I call as identity theft, framing, defaming.

4) What type of a woman would claim someone else as her husband or her ex or lies to be living with someone else?

5) It might not be wrong to make purchases on debit/credit cards of family members, but how hard is it to request money to be transferred into your bank account? At least in my case, my every purchase and every payment instrument I use whether NFC / Debit / Credit / Paypal or any other are on my very own name - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli and all of my deliveries are on my very own name - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli and all of my purchases are on my very own personal email addresses - / / and my deliveries are on my current address in London - Ground Floor Rear Flat, 827 Harrow Road or nearby pick up locations. The addresses associated with my bank accounts are either my current address in London or my permanent address in Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam, India.

6) Hacking - Have you ever heard? Hackers are nowadays capable of session hijacking by hacking wifi networks i.e some hidden information transferred between browser and server. Now how easy is it for an impersonator to log in into zoom just knowing the URL? And Zoom allows renaming yourself whenever you want. When hackers are capable of such hard things, aren't social engineers i.e impersonators not capable of such impersonation? 

7) When did impersonation and identity theft become a game? A crime done by one person is a crime, a crime done by 100 people is still a crime, a crime done by a million people is also a crime. Impersonation is a crime irrespective of whether you have malicious intent or not.

8) Let's say hypothetically a person is not supposed to be in U.K but someone claims that the person is in the U.K. What's happening - someone is getting framed or someone is impersonating someone else or someone is using stolen identity cards etc...

9) What the hell is this joke about takers being right-minded? Poor people or homeless people would take, that does not mean anything about mindset.

10) Who gives cheques to another person on same name? No one. Whatever this cheque giving, cheque taking I don't know about the lies. Yes, I did several financial transactions via cheques for various reasons including between family members, my very own bank accounts and even businesses such as landscapers back in AZ, USA between 2012 and 2016.

Always remember busy people who have important things to do would not have time for this type of cheap propaganda and cheap-minded activities. Also, remember failures impersonate success and not the other way around. Of course, failures would still end up being failures even if they impersonate because they don't have talent. Remember there are some unfortunate people in the society, the people around us, the government and charities help such downtrodden people. Always help the needy, not the greedy. Always encourage talent rather than stupid deal makers.

Intelligence mistakes?

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