Friday, January 13, 2023

Happy Sankranti

Happy Sankranti

ALight Technology And Services Limited would like to wish everyone Happy Sankranti! Sankranti is a little known but popular south Indian festival. It's a 3 day festival, very popular in smaller villages. People hope Sankranti would bring propserity. An analogy to Bhogi the first day of the festival is like spring cleaning. People remove old unnecessary stuff and burn them early in the morning. 

I know the so-called "collective intelligence" has failed miserably and has caused utter chaos. The so called "collective intelligence" / "order" / "R&AW" / "hukum" is just a bunch of failures misusing a powerful surveillance equipment for personal agenda by falsifying evidences, blackmailing, illegal money laundering, hacking etc... I would call them miserable failures.

NOT associated with the erra / yerra karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, erra / yerra sowmya, erra / yerra sowjanya / any of the erra / yerra surnamed people, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate between 1998 - 2002, not anymore), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate between 1998 and 2002, not anymore), thota veera, whatever surnamed uttam’s, whatever surnamed bandhavi’s, bhattaru surnamed people, thota surnamed people, bojja surnamed people.

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

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Happy Sankranti

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