Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Kibana implementation completed, what's next?

Kibana implementation completed, what's next?

At this point I am happy to say, Kibana implementation and configuration is completed. I would say use Filebeats and Metricbeats or Elastic-Agents rather than LogStash. For some reason, LogStash has been a nightmare and became unresponsive few times causing several 5 - 10 minute unexpected downtimes.

I am planning to do few more things before I wrap up the observability, monitoring and alerting part. Moreover, I need to do implement some minor cost and performance optimization strategies. The next few weeks would be more around some custom C# development in AWS touching several topics such as CloudWatch, S3, ElasticSearch. I would either write some blog posts or do some live coding. If I do live coding, it's going to be ad-hoc on the official youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/@alighttechnologyandservicesltd

Here are some screenshots: 

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Kibana implementation completed, what's next?

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