Saturday, February 11, 2023

Accounts have been filed with the Companies House!

Accounts have been filed with the Companies House!

The official accounts have been paid with companies house, United Kingdom. The filing history can be viewed at The expenses from June 22nd 2021 - June 30th 2022 have been £5,541. There has been only 1 employee and the founder, me, myself has been the only employee. No revenue yet because of psychological harassment by India's spying agency R&AW. They are trying to distort identities and trying to steal assets and if I am not wrong, I am not their only target, several others are being harassed, framed and impersonated. I have not withdrawn any salary during this period.

I am hoping these R&AW tards would get arrested soon. Once this happens, I would definitely focus on my startup. For now, I am doing some things for the longer term future not necessarily profit making activity due to possibility of source code theft, intellectual property source code.

Some commercial activities I am hoping and anticipating are re-selling (partnering with other software companies and re-selling), web hosting of some non-confidential websites (Websites where all the content is public). Because I know how and have protected my website(s) against unintentional changes for over 1.5 years - because I use bio-metric authentication. The rogue R&AW spies might have done screenshots or even videos of my websites / AWS console but they did not access (There was a attack last year in February i.e someone tried to hack and login, the servers were terminated within 2 minutes and reported with the ICO - hint: They are shadowing and living in the same vicinity based on IP address). Since then there have been no other known breaches. Moreover, the past 1 year I have been focusing improving the security, logging, metrics and alerting.

Please do let me know, if anyone wants help with website hosting.

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated with the erra / yerra karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, erra / yerra sowmya, erra / yerra sowjanya, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998 – 2002, not anymore), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998 – 2002, not anymore), erra sowmya, erra sowjanya, thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas / Arumilli uttam(may be they are part of a different Arumilli family – not my family). I don’t have any siblings by the name of Sowjanya or Sowmya, Srinivas, Uttam.

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

B.Tech, M.B.A



Founder & CEO, Lead Full-Stack .Net developer

ALight Technology And Services Limited

Phone / SMS / WhatsApp on the following 3 numbers:

+91-789-362-6688, +1-480-347-6849, +44-07718-273-964 and 3 more rarely used email addresses – hardly once or twice a year.

Accounts have been filed with the Companies House!

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